Bike Carriers


Roof-top carriers are popular because they get bikes up out of the way, minimizing your blind spots. Because bikes must be lifted onto the roof to be transported, these carriers work best on small cars with a low roof height. We have a number of styles to choose from, allowing us to find the perfect fit for your vehicle and your bikes. Learn More


Rear-mounted bike carriers work well on taller cars and SUVs. Thule's carriers vary based on whether they carry 2 or 3 bikes and how they attach to the bikes. In most configurations, rear-mounted carriers swing up with your trunk door, eliminating the need to remove the carrier in order to access your stuff. Learn More


Hitch-mounted carriers have all the same features as rear-mount carriers, except they are stronger and easier to install or remove. Thule hitch-mounts either swing away or tilt down to allow rear hatches, doors and tailgates to be opened. Plus, Thule's carriers have the most capacity, being designed to accommodate up to 5 bikes. Learn More

Truck Bed

If you own a pickup but shrivel at the thought of tossing your bikes in the back to fend for themselves, then you'll understand the usefulness of Thule's attachments for hauling bikes in your truck's bed. One style requires the front wheel to be removed (from your bike, not your truck) and one allows it to stay on. Learn More