Great River Ridge State Trail


Quoted from DNR:

Located in the beautiful southeastern Minnesota valley, the Great River Ridge State Trail has picturesque views of river bluffs. Built on former railroad grade, the Great River Ridge State Trail is also a fairly easy ride.

When complete, the trail will be paved for 15 miles, and travel between the cities of Plainview and Eyota. Currently, there are 13 miles of paved trail from Plainview, south through the town of Elgin and continues on to County Road 9. Summer uses are primarily bicycling, in-line skating, and hiking. There is also a dual, natural surface treadway from Elgin to County Road 9 that is used for horseback riding in the summer, and snowmobiling in the winter.

Quiet city streets allow users to explore the towns along the way. Plainview is known to be the agricultural hub of the area, and has additional opportunity for recreation in it's 8 city parks. Nearby are also Carley and Whitewater State Parks. Future plans for the Great River Ridge include extension to Carley State Park.