Cannon Valley Trail


Quoted from Wikipedia:

The Cannon Valley Trail is a paved, multiple-use trail that follows the Cannon River in southeast Minnesota.

The trail follows an abandoned Chicago Great Western Railway corridor for 20 miles (32 km) between Cannon Falls, Minnesota and Red Wing, Minnesota. In the spring, summer, and fall months, the trail is open to hiking, biking, and inline skating. A "Wheel Pass" for bicyclists, inline skaters, and users of other wheeled recreational devices is required, at a cost of $4. In the winter months, the trail is groomed for cross-country skiing.

Points of interest on the trail include the Cannon River, wildlife management areas, a 1.5-mile (2.4 km) mountain-bike trail, Welch Village ski area, and the Red Wing archaeological preserve. Camping is available at the Hidden Valley campground near Welch.

The Cannon Valley Trail is quite scenic, with farmland along its western half and descending into river bottomland along its eastern half. The river valley has substantial bluffs, including the site of Welch Village Ski Area about midway along the trail. The keen observer will also notice milepost markers along the south side of the trail placed there over the years when the CGW operated the rail line in the corridor. The mileposts indicate the distance from Mankato - the original western terminus of the CGW along the route.