Blue Ox (Voyageur) Trail


Quoted from Trail Link:

The Blue Ox–Voyageur Trail is a multi-use trail that permits ATVs and snowmobiles. It also accommodates mountain bikers, hikers, and equestrians along the former railroad right-of-way between International Falls and Lake Bemidji State Park.

The 107-mile trail travels through remote stretches of subalpine forest, spruce swamps and upland stands of aspen, linking towns along the way. It can be boggy in places but does provide access to some of Minnesota's most scenic landscapes. The trail incorporates beautiful railroad trestles across the Little Fork and Big Fork rivers.

At it's southern end in Lake Bemidji State Park, the Blue Ox Trail–Voyageur Trail connects to the Paul Bunyan State Trail at County Road 20. The latter, carries on for another 110 miles and is paved.