Holzinger Lodge Trails


Quoted from MORC:

The Holzinger lodge trails were originally built as ski trails back in the early 1980's by the City of Winona. The original trail was the 3.5 mile lower loop, known now as "The Rollers". Due to the extremely rocky nature of the trail, it never took off as a ski trail. However, at this time there was a small group of people in Winona that had discovered mountain biking, this trail lent itself beautifully to this new sport.

In (I believe) 1990(ish) the Wildwood Climb mountain bike race was moved from O.L. Kipp (now Great River Bluffs) state Park to the Holzinger Lodge trails. In 1994(ish) a group called the Winona Area Mountain Bikers formed and built the trail known as Wildwood Climb. This trail scales a valley wall and takes riders to the top of the bluff. Once on top of the bluff there is a wonderful area of singletrack to the right, or to the left riders can take the Rock Quarry trail which is a rocky technical singletrack trail which eventually descends back to the bottom of the bluff.