Afton Alps


Quoted from MORC:

Afton Alps is a $9 per rider pay trail built on one of the metro areas larger ski hills. The trail system features signage breaking the trails into sections allowing the rider to select how much of a challenge they wish to experience. Be sure to pick up a map in the chalet. This allows the whole family to go out and have a great time riding. All routes involve some steep climbing. For the racers among us, the Afton Avalanche, Afton Off-Road Series, and our own 24 Hours of Afton are well worth becoming a permanent part of your race schedule. For more detailed info reference their site or the MNSCS site here. Like other ski resort/biking areas, the mountain biking trail is a mixture of brutal climbing, screaming descents, and winding singletrack combined with great views overlooking the beautiful St. Croix River Valley.