Gitchi-Gami State Trail


Quoted from DNR:

This 86 mile trail will eventually connect five state parks, several communities, four Scientific and Natural Areas, numerous historic sites, and provide vistas of Lake Superior. Trail users will travel through birch and aspen forests, cross numerous cascades and waterfalls, travel through charming and historic towns, and have the opportunity to access beaches of Lake Superior.

Trail Segments:

  • Silver Creek Cliff: 1 mile; circumnavigates the Silver Creek Tunnel.
  • Gooseberry Falls to Beaver Bay: 14.6 miles; some sections with steep hills and curves. Starts at Gooseberry Falls State Park, travels through Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, and ends in Beaver Bay.
  • Temperance River: 3 miles; connects the towns of Schroeder and Tofte and passes through Temperance River State Park.
  • Tofte: 5.8 miles; ends at a tunnel underpass under Highway 61.
  • Grand Marais: 1.5 miles; travels through the City of Grand Marais and joins up with the Grand Marais Corridor Trail.