Shooting Star State Trail


Quoted from DNR:

The Shooting Star State Trail begins in the city of LeRoy in Mower County and travels north through Lake Louise State Park. It then heads west towards Taopi, and ends in the county park at Adams, allowing trail users to experience a rural landscape. The trail passes by several additional interpretive/recreational opportunities including Rustic Retreat Wildlife Management Area, Shooting Star Prairie Scientific and Natural Area, and Mower County Natural and Scenic Area.

Current and future portions of the trail will parallel Highway 56, also known as the Shooting Star Wildflower and Historic Route Scenic Byway. The native wildflowers and grasses are a highlight of this byway and trail. When completed, the Shooting Star State Trail will connect the towns of LeRoy, Taopi, Adams, Rose Creek, Austin and Lyle. It is planned to connect to the future Blazing Star State Trail in Austin. The current paved portion of the trail totals fourteen miles.