Harmony-Preston Valley State Trail


Quoted from DNR:

Come and enjoy Minnesota hospitality, southeastern style. The paved Harmony-Preston Valley State Trail is a beautiful 18 mile long multiple use trail that connects the communities of Harmony and Preston with the existing Root River State Trail. Main summer uses are hiking, biking and in-line skating. The trail is groomed for cross country skiing in the winter.

The northern two-thirds of the Harmony-Preston Valley State Trail follows or crosses Watson Creek, the South Branch of the Root River, and Camp Creek, passing through a variety of wooded areas and farmland on an abandoned railroad grade. this section is wheelchair accessible. Three fishing platforms provide access to trout fishing in Camp Creek just outside of Preston.

Unlike the northern segment of this trail, the southern segment was not constructed upon an abandoned railroad grade. The southern segment of the trail between County 16 and Harmony climbs out of the river valley, and angles cross country into Harmony. The trail rises up and down over a number of little hills and is punctuated with a rather strenuous incline that may not be suitable for all users.

Although Harmony and Preston were both settled in the 1850's, the cities are quite different in appearance. Harmony was developed upon the agricultural uplands above the Root River valley while Preston is located within the valley. Both communities speak to a very different time in Minnesota's history with several preserved buildings and interpretive opportunities.


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