Kids' and Youth

Depending on the ages of children you're looking to accomodate, we have a variety of products to fit your needs. For the youngest toddlers, we have towable carts. For older youngsters who haven't learned how to ride yet, we have towable trailers. For those who are just learning or already know how to ride, we have a full line of kids' bikes to choose from.

Kid Carts

Don't let your little ones keep you from getting outside and enjoying yourself. We have one- and two-child carts with attachments that allow the same cart to be pulled behind a bike, walked like a stroller, or jogged behind. No matter your hobby, these carts will help you and and your chilluns get the fresh air you need. Check out these awesome Croozer carts.

Pedal Trailers

Designed for kids who are old enough to hold onto handlebars, these bicycle trailers make a great way to teach your children the joy of cycling. With their own shifters and brakes, bike trailers give children plenty to do. Plus, trailers are easier to tow than carts: your passenger's pedal strokes combine with yours to propel the trailer forward. Look at these Trek ones.

Kids' Trade-Up Program

If you're concerned about spending a lot of money on a bike that you're child is going to grow out of soon, have no fear. That's what we've designed our Kids' Trade-Up Program for.

How it works: When your child outgrows their bike, bring it in and we'll apply 50% of the original purchase price towards your next bike purchase. Note: bikes must have been originally purchased at Jake's Bikes to qualify for the Trade-Up Program.