Triathlon Bikes

Time-trial bikes designed to get you the best time over a short distance.

Lightweight Drivetrain

Makes pedaling easy.

Tri-Specific Saddle

Gets out of your legs' way for the best power transfer.

Integrated Brakes

Brakes and other components are built right into the frame, reducing wind resistance.

Foil Style Frame

Frame design cuts through the air, reducing drag.

Frame Geometry and Materials

Lightweight materials paired with an aerodynamic frame slices right through air.

Cruising Position

Puts rider in a streamlined, aerodynamic position and enables rider to get the most speed out of their legs.

Aero Wheels

Help cut through the air, reduce rotational drag, and save you time and energy.

Project One

With Project One, Trek offers you the ability to completely customize your next tri bike, from handlebars to crankset. Choose your own color scheme and pattern, components, and more. With several years of experience working with Project One, Jake can help you get the bike that you dream of. Stop in today or visit Trek's Project One site.