Fat-tire Bikes

The bike to take you where no bike has gone before.

Holy Wheels!

Since fatter rims are required, they are drilled out to save weight. A tough rim strip is used to protect the tube.

High Gearing

Similar to their mountain bike cousins, fatties have a wide range of gearing to help you get up hills and slog through tough stuff.


Indentations in the chainstays allow you to pedal a normal stroke in boots without bumping your heels.

Beefed-up Frame

In keeping with the oversized theme, fat-tire bike frames are designed to support whatever you put on them.

Rust Resistant

Aluminum and CroMoly steel are used for their corrosion resistance and weight.

Disc Brakes

Chosen for their ability to outperform caliper brakes in wet conditions, disc brakes come standard on fat-tire bikes.

Mammoth Knobbies

The defining feature of fat-tire bikes, 4-inch tires allow these off-road bikes to float on top of snow, sand, and mud.