Road Bikes

The most technologically-advanced bikes ever built. Designed for speed and performance.

Quality Components

Well-built components won't crack under pressure, are easier to use, reduce weight and stay in adjustment longer.

Performance Saddle

Road bike saddles are designed to eliminate chafing and reduce wind drag.

Wireless Computers

Trek's SpeedTrap and DuoTrap systems eliminate wires and simplify your riding experience.

High Gear Ratio

Allows for higher maximum speeds with the same amount of effort.

Frame Geometry

Positions the rider for optimal power output and reduces wind resistance.

Frame Materials

Ultralight frame materials allow for easy climbing, accelerating, and distance riding.

Drop-Style Handlebars

Allows maximum control of the bike at all times.

Responsive Controls

Integrated shifting and braking controls allow the rider to make adjustments on the fly without taking their eyes off the road.

Lightweight Wheels

Wheels are the best place to shave ounces - lighter wheels take less effort to get rolling.

Fast Rubber

700c rims and slick tires are light and fast.

Project One

With Project One, Trek offers you the ability to completely customize your next road bike, from handlebars to crankset. Choose your own color scheme and pattern, components, and more. With several years of experience working with Project One, Jake can help you get the bike that you dream of. Stop in today or visit Trek's Project One site.